Comprehensive system designed to improve the management of hotel chain operations which is currently running in more than 20 countries with more than 6,000 users.

HUB allows you to manage all the daily operations of your hotel and provides all the necessary information for optimizing your processes.

User licensed SaaS Modality (Software as a Service) allows you to implement the system without facing infrastructural or server maintenance costs, including all technical support and new feature updates.

Access from your computer or the mobile app with offline operation, for all mobile departments such as maintenance and housekeeping.

Discover the benefits of our system that will allow you to make smarter and faster decisions.

Integration with PMS, BMS, ERP, Dataloggers and other management systems.

It is the modular and flexible solution that complements your hotel management system (PMS).

The HUB modules are:

  • - GMAO: Maintenance Management

  • - Housekeeping: Housekeeping management

  • - Quality: Management of guest incidents during their stay

  • - Engineering & Construction: Hotel refurbishment and life cycle management

  • - IoT: Integration of sensors of any type for signal monitoring

  • - Audits: Customized audits and inspections with automatic report generation


HUB is the piece that complements your PMS

HUB is integrated with the main PMS. If yours is not yet, do not worry because we will integrate!


  • Lack of information about the technical issues occurring in the hotel and the time dedicated to solving them.

  • Unaware of the most commonly repeated incidents and the equipment generating the most issues.

  • Difficulties logging the equipment in each hotel with its year of installation, lifespan, make and model.

  • Do you know when the next inspection is due? Is your technical/legal maintenance up-to-date? Do you have all the regulatory documentation?

  • Lack of information for correct decision making.

  • All the paper documentation making it difficult to quickly access information and at any point.

  • Constant time-consuming checks by the hotels to record new tasks and update room statuses in the PMS.

  • Delays in resolving issues and room preparation.

  • Lack of information when face-to-face with customers due to not having live updates.

  • Difficulties obtaining data and large amounts of time spent generating reports for analysis.

  • PMS are not designed for managing daily operations, only administrative management, reservations and point of sales for the hotel.


  • Reduce the incidents reported by your customers by enhancing operations in all departments.

  • Optimise the resources and facilities in your hotels.

  • Plan the technical/legal and preventive maintenance verifying that the scheduled tasks have been carried out.

  • Manage the deadlines of your legal maintenance contracts and have a comprehensive database of suppliers.

  • Attach photos, internal or external work reports, and reviews in a few seconds for proper management, eliminating the use of paper.

  • Improve your daily running by reducing the room preparation times and customer response times.

  • Plan new tasks and notify the corresponding departments.

  • Receive periodic reports comparing your hotels.

  • You can make quick queries using the effective search and filter engine and export them into different formats.

  • Control the work done by external companies. Verify the location of technicians carrying out work using QR, NFC or Beacons.

  • System integrated with your PMS, providing a single comprehensive solution for all your needs.

Whether you have internet or not thanks to the offline operation of your APP

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